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Software Outsourcing

At Glomus, we have a dedicated team of professionals that build outsourced software systems. We have invested resources in mobile application development to meet the growing needs for mobile phone technology in Africa. Over the years, we have garnered trust working with businesses in the area of service delivery and information confidentiality and we continually pride ourselves as an organization that puts customer satisfaction over every other vice in the course of delivering service to our clients. We handle both in-country and offshore outsourcing with deep commitment in ensuring we meet the immediate and long-term expectations of our clients. 

Our outsourcing team always ensure that the key drivers that lead to software outsourcing, not limited to increased revenue potential, selling capabilities to external users, increased process effectiveness, freeing up internal resources, cost control and gaining access to world-class capabilities, are achieved at the end. 

We are aware of the problems associated with software outsourcing and have developed means to curtail the consequent excesses that may arise as a result, to ensure 100% success with any project outsourced to Glomus, irrespective of the complexity. We are ever dedicated to serve our clients thus giving them hands-on opportunity to make cutting edge recommendations in a way that projects a sense of control over the outsourced project. 

IT Consulting

Our IT Consulting experience cut across vast fields viz. health, biometrics, information security and education. We have spear headed major revolutions across the quoted sectors by provision of world class IT services, infrastructure and process re-engineering. 

Technical IT Support

Glomus provides technical IT support to a variety of IT infrastructure. We have technical expertise to support SAP Business One deployments, Oracle Database Management Systems, CRM solutions and biometric systems. We are passionate about IT and the growth of the industry in the country. We make provision for 24 hours support for our products and ensure that issues are resolved within a thin time frame. Our support options, which include: Time and Material, Block Hours and Managed Services are very flexible and can accommodate any support scenario.

With a whole lot of options to cover any support request that might be raised, we attend to support issues via different means, depending on the severity of request. For example, direct questions can be addressed via phone calls, SMS, online chat, support forum or e-mail; basic software problems can be addressed over the phone or by using a remote access repair service; while more complicated hardware problems are dealt with onsite by our technical resource(s). 

By transferring technical knowledge to client’s level 1 support, we reduce the number of support issues logged as client’s internal IT team (admin) are able to handle a great percentage of user support requests. 

In the bid for constant expansion and diversification in the area of IT, Glomus has committed huge human capital and R&D investments, which has expanded our area of strength with underlying capacity to achieve the following;

GIS systems implementation and API integration to software solutions 

Implementation of Photovoltaic System & Solar Energy Infrastructure 

Implementation of secure LAN & WAN adopting latest cisco IOS technologies 

Internet Service Provision via VSAT & fiber: As partners with Vodacom & Candix Engineering, we offer reliable internet service, delivering packets with very reduced latency. Leveraging the newly installed google DNS server in Lagos, our internet service manages traffic flow on the network more efficiently, eliminating all forms of congestion. Our network topology is a mesh-type network, which basically rides on MTN and Multilink Nigeria’s mesh. With reliable fail over service implementation, in the event of obstruction in service of any of the networks, traffic is immediately routed to the other network, in micro seconds, so that the users feel no outage. 

Installation and maintenance of security devices; IP cameras, spy & hidden cameras, alarm systems, smoke & gas detectors. We are able to create an effective network of varied security devices using high-powered long range 3×3 dual band wireless radios as a bridge. 

Procurement outsourcing of a wide range of products through our British Partners, Sheargold Ltd.

Procurement outsourcing spectra

Computer Equipment 
Microwave Radios 
Transistor Based Electronic Equipment 
Industrial Scanners & Printers 
Inverter Generators running on Honda Technology 
Biometric Data Capture Equipment 
Surveillance & Spy Cameras 
Security Equipment 
Education Technology Tools 
Office Furniture & Accessories 

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